Another Mission, July 2014
Made for: Mission (B Side) on Wating Right Here EP, by jetkick
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I did some track art for jetkick that’s featured in his new EP, Waiting Right Here. You can pay anything you like for this or even get it for free, but if you really enjoy the music please think of the starving artist. Anyway, enjoy!

Much can be learned from struggle within an individual. This cannot be misinterpreted, struggle can be beautiful. Whether it be adversity via social injustices or the never-ending battle of love for oneself. For me it seems to not juggle with personal ideals or strifes is to be dead. Questioning oneself and surroundings shows strength & nothing but. My goodness struggle is not weakness, struggle is the epitome of human growth & universal evolution. 

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Jean Shrimpton and Grace Coddington photographed by David Montgomery for Queen March 1965
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I care not for small talk. What is it that makes you feel? Who’m do you admire? Have you ever been in love? If our world were to end in just a few hours how would you spend your time? I needn’t know the weather or of any insignificant troubles you have brought upon yourself. ~ Who are you? This is where our interests should lay being deep & meaningful. Not trivial & meaningless~

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"Baseball is the writer’s game, and its train of thought, we come to sense, is a shuttle, carrying us constantly forward to the next pitch or inning, or the sudden double into the left-field corner, but we keep hold of the other half of our ticket, for the return trip on the same line. We anticipate happily, and, coming home, reenter an old landscape brightened with fresh colors. Baseball games and plays and mannerisms—the angle of a cap—fade stubbornly and come to mind unbidden, putting us back in some particular park on that special October afternoon or June evening. The players are as young as ever, and we, perhaps not entirely old.” 
— Roger Angell
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Source: Mickey and Willie
The soul is beyond male and female as it is beyond Life and Death.

Aleister Crowley

The Book of Lies

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